The Vibe Guide

The unofficial episode guide for vibe tasters of the Elis James and John Robins Podcast

John Robins and Elis James in front of the Radio X sign

Capably broadcasting on commercial digital indie station Radio X from 2014-2019, comedians Elis James and John Robins totalled 264 shows - plus the bonus episodes - and a legion of fans (Podcast Devotees - PCDs). Welcome to the Vibe Guide, an unofficial, PCD-created attempt to catalogue the vibe for future reference by legends - whether you're looking to trace E and J's early adoption of the emerging technology of email (electronic mail), locate one of their classic riffs, see instances of a certain show feature or confirm how many times Elis has told his Rachel Stevens anecdote. Browse the episode list* or use the search function below!

*There's now a separate bonus episodes list! There's also been a fair amount of Googling to double-check Welsh place names mentioned in the show, not 100% successfully.

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The 'Keep It Session' Sessions