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Episode B1

Ricky Wilson Takeover

Show broadcast on 15 November 2015

Special treat for you devotees as Elis & John broadcasted for the second time this weekend, covering for Radio X's Ricky Wilson. They took on one of his features - Indie Landfill - as well as introducing their own Humble Brag Of The Week, but mainly the show was a Queen forum. Also includes one of the greatest texts ever received, concerning hangover shame spirals, Suede and a toilet.

Conversations and riffs

Electric Six are put into the 'Indie Landfill', giving John an opportunity to dissect the video to their cover of Queen's 'Radio Ga Ga'.

John does an impression of friend of the show, Josh Widdicombe, retching.

The guys talk shame hangovers and how they have various apologetic texts on their phones that they've drafted to send the morning after.

In Queen news, John had a business meeting with the band's manager and will have an opportunity to meet Brian May at an awards dinner this week. Elis and John imagine how both of those conversations might go.


More examples of that scourge of social media, the humblebrag.

You're such a great parent (living in Muswell Hill by the way) that you want to show your child how to donate money to charity but does anyone know any charities? Because apparently you can't just find them through a Google search.

You were previously a guest at the Q Awards and have been to Bali but your life is so rubbish now that you're helping organise a red carpet event for animals that involves meeting celebrities.

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