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Episode B25

The Second Coming Of Shame

Show broadcast on 13 April 2017

PCDs, Hammer Legends and E-mail users worldwide... WE DID IT! We made it to the end of another (albeit shorter) week on Drive!

Today's show has an Elis shaped hole but fear not, ol' Johnny Robins was on tiptop form... We find out how the legends of Great Britain are spending their BHW (Bank Holiday Weekend), John releases his horn and gives away 1000 nicker as a result AND we get the scoop on what dream job Elis has now ticked off his list.

PLUS we have all your favourite regular features, Humblebrag of the Day, John's Shame Well and Elis' Light Hearted Paper Review (with added John.)

Conversations and riffs

John is broadcasting solo today as Elis has got the gig as personal assistant to David Dickinson on 'Dickinson's Real Deal'.

In response to Monday's texter on wackaging (10 April), Innocent Smoothies have sent in some specially repackaged smoothies for Elis and John, which have been de-wackaged.

Text-in topic

Listeners text and tweet during the show on this week's topic.

It's a bank holiday weekend coming up so what ya doin' and who's with ya?

Elis James' Light-Hearted Paper Review

Elis' selection of humorous stories from this week's newspapers.

Clothes that harm you. Generation Hopeless.


More examples of that scourge of social media, the humblebrag.

Why suddenly getting so many likes on your Instagram photos?

Oh, so hot at the Olivier Awards.

Didn't get much sleep before your glamorous photo shoot but here's the pictures anyway (and you look amazing).

Thought your five-figure bank balance had been stolen, but no.

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