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Episode B30

Giddy Robins

Show broadcast on 25 May 2017

After ingesting too much sugar in a short amount time, we have something rarely seen, the enigma that is Giddy Robins! When will John hit his nap prison, who knows?

Celeb spotting, flossing and ideas symposiums are the main talking points today, along with all your favourite features!

Conversations and riffs

Flossing - worth it?

John's Shame Well

John frees another listener of their shame.

Mistaking your Middle Eastern neighbour for a taxi driver.


More examples of that scourge of social media, the humblebrag.

A wordy humblebrag to show off how intelligent and good at expressing yourself you are, but is actually incomprehensible.

John has been appointed 'Radio X Creativity Czar' (asked to give a marketing speech).

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