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Episode B42

Pizza Not Booze

Show broadcast on 17 November 2017

Elis & John were reunited once more and debriefed John's Mastermind appearance, whilst Elis revealed exactly where Johnny Vaughan has been, and how to interact with football fans from Panama. There's was the usual Light-Hearted Paper Review, Humble Brag Of The Day, Shame Wells and Made Up Games, plus John Googled The Travel - LIVE! - and the boys witnessed some phenomenal Queen-based lyrical knowledge.

Conversations and riffs

The second part of Elis and John covering Johnny Vaughan's drive time show in the week of 13-17 November. John has not had booze for a while but has overindulged on pizzas.

It's All-Request Day on John Googles The Traffic: where ya travellin' and what route ya takin'?

John attempts to break the world record for identifying the most Queen songs by their lyrics in a minute.

John filmed an episode of Celebrity Mastermind this week.

Elis James' Light-Hearted Paper Review

Elis' selection of humorous stories from this week's newspapers.

Myth-busting: People with diabetes CAN eat fruit. The cruellest names given to babies: Facebook, Robocop and Anus. Welsh man abandons kebab to chase after a driver who crashed his car into a pub.

John's Shame Well

John frees another listener of their shame.

Having a go at a new teammate on your football team for being selfish and squandering chances while trying to do glamour moves, only to bring up painful memories of his lost footballing potential.

Apologising to a large man for your young son calling him the Michelin Man.


More examples of that scourge of social media, the humblebrag.

That blummin' rooster outside your five star hotel abroad, waking you up again.

A one-page-long humblebrag about being an "alpha mum".

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