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Episode B7

Mics Up Masterman

Show broadcast on 2 January 2017

Welcome to a very special week of Podcasts, PCDs! The Boys are covering for Johnny Vaughan on Drive this week, so there are 5 extra Hammer helpings. On Monday's show Elis and John are, in their words "Driving Britains Banter" so, put your seat belt on etc and get ready for regular features and even brand new ones! Plus, an uncharacteristic mistake during one of the tracks... see if you can spot it.

Conversations and riffs

The infamous 'Mics Up Masterman' when the microphones were accidentally left up and live listeners could hear the guys chatting during a Cardigans track.

Every Cloud / Silver Linings: We find out that John's long-term relationship has ended but on the plus side he now knows exactly where his iPhone charger is at all times.

A new drive time feature is introduced in which John Googles The Traffic (complete with distracting car horn sound effects). Elis James' Light-Hearted Paper Review also makes its debut.

John is doing Dry January in a bid to lose weight off his stomach.

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