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Episode 236

Apocalyptic Radio, Bum Money & Ansglodus

Show broadcast on 15 September 2018

Robins was sick. Elis spoke Welsh. The Studio was dark. A classic show this week, featuring a taste, some shame, an exhibition Potato Potato match and Robins behaving over-competitively in the Made Up Game. There was also a Welsh Word of The Week, some Gig Diary action & a run down of the soon to be 'Holy Vible Tour'!

Podcast intro

Elis and Vin talk about different hipster trends in fashion, including 'Norm Core' where you deliberately dress down like a mum or dad going to Homebase on a Sunday.

Friend of the show, the Lovely Robin's joke Twitter account about BBC 4 programming on a Friday night.

John's introduction of Elis

"To my left, the mastermind behind the Celtic Super Highway, a series of transport links that will make travel through Wales, Ireland and Scotland possible without having to set foot in England. The ambitious project consists of a tunnel running from Twydllog(?) to Monkstown, east of Dublin, a bridge from Cloggerhead to Polpatrick(?) in Scotland and finally a 132-mile cable car from Dundrennan to Rhyl. The project has a cost of £6.8 billion. However he is confident of reaching the target after a mixture of crowd-funding, benefit gigs and raffles in key Celtic states which have so far raised over £4000. "

Conversations and riffs

The team is broadcasting in the dark because of a 'controlled power down' at Radio X towers but it feels a bit like if Radio X was broadcasting in a post-apocalyptic world.

Speaking of the end of the world, has John got a rare blood condition?

Isn't there a statistic saying the average paper money note has passed through a million bums or something?

Elis James' Light-Hearted Paper Review

Elis' selection of humorous stories from this week's newspapers.

A Scottish island that was crime free for 20 years suffered a robbery raid on a hotel. Millennials are doing less drinking, smoking, clubbing and partying, and connecting more via social media and Netflix nights in with friends, apparently.

John's Shame Well

John frees another listener of their shame.

Getting drunk at Uni, going to a house party with the cool kids then being forced to mop up wee from the bathroom floor that you're not even sure is yours.

John's Gig Diaries

John reads aloud from diaries he kept during his early stand-up days.

John is at a career and artistic crossroads and weighing up his life options and whether comedy should factor in that. A particularly deep instalment.

Welsh Word of the Week

Elis picks out a curious Welsh word.

A new feature! Elis' Welsh Word of the Week (WWW) is Ansglodus, meaning 'un-chip-like'.

Made-Up Games

Listeners suggest made-up games that Elis and John can play.

Britpop Top Trumps (created by a friend of a PCD and available to buy from Etsy).

Tick Off a Taste

The gang try a new taste sensation sent in by a listener.

Producer Vin's brother provides years old Mate from Peru, a stimulating hot caffeine drink.

The 'Keep It Session' Sessions

A special section at the end of the podcast for music recommendations.

Mercury Rev album 'Deserter's Songs' (Elis)

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