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Episode 49

Ronnie O'Sullivan, Cringey Words and Farthing-Related Anger

Show broadcast on 17 January 2015

Elis and John have an absolute belter this week. John has been to see his hero Ronnie O'Sullivan this week and he tells all about "the best day of his life". Elis gets annoyed about words that make him cringe, leading to the banning of certain words from the English Language and finally John gets angry about something that happened many a moon ago on the show. If you'd like to see the tumblr of A Robins Amongst the Pigeons then the website is

John's introduction of Elis

"To my left is Cwmbran's answer to the Fonze. "

Conversations and riffs

More ribbing of Elis' new sitcom Crims (not 'Crimes').

John went to see Ronnie O'Sullivan play snooker and recorded the crowd saying "Come on, Ronnie!" which is his new favourite saying.

Text-in topic

Listeners text and tweet during the show on this week's topic.

What annoying words or phrases that other say would you like stricken from the record? E & J compile the top ten.

Textual Healing

A listener calls the show with a problem.

Cornelius doesn't like his name.

A Robins Amongst the Pigeons

John reads aloud from his autobiography.

Chapter 10: John's poetry panic.

Winner Plays On

Elis and John face off in the weekly quiz on topics of their choice.

The pubs of Oxford (John) v the port Dylan Thomas (Elis). John wins 3-2.

Email of the Species

Listeners' emails into the show.

Advice on how many and what type of drinks to supply when holding a house party. Advice to a couple who perhaps feature the podcast too much in their relationship.

The 'Keep It Session' Sessions

A special section at the end of the podcast for music recommendations.

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