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Episode 52

Nices and Niggles, Embarrassing Partners and Feeling Old

Show broadcast on 7 February 2015

On this week's podcast, Elis and John tell what they like and what they are less fond of about each other. Also discussed is your stories about your embarrassing partners and a debate about whether you can say things make you feel old, even if you were too young to remember them at the time.

Podcast intro

The podcast is celebrating its first anniversary.

Now that Elis is in the top tax bracket, is he betraying his working class hero roots? He has been seen in the first class carriage on the train!

John's introduction of Elis

"To my left, to some he is known as the the Blind Boy of Penarth, to others Carmarthen Slim. To us, he is Mr Elis James. "

Conversations and riffs

The show is celebrating its first anniversary yet there are still signs up on the studio wall to remind the duo what their names are in case they forget on air. They play a game of Nices And Niggles where they each offer things they like about each other and things they find a little bit annoying.

Doesn't the musician Ray Morris' name sound like it should be a car dealership? Like 'Ray Morris of Gravesend'.

It's revealed that the anonymous person who contacted the show last week asking for a signed picture of John's bum was in fact his girlfriend playing a prank.

More 'Crims' (not 'Crimes') banter.

Text-in topic

Listeners text and tweet during the show on this week's topic.

Instances when you or your partner have accidentally let slip in public one of the cute/secret phrases, nicknames or code words you have with each other.

For example, John announced the arrival of the 'kiss train' to his girlfriend whilst forgetting that they had a guest staying in their house at the time.

A Robins Amongst the Pigeons

John reads aloud from his autobiography.

Chapter 13: Fingermouse. John meets Elis for the first time.

Winner Plays On

Elis and John face off in the weekly quiz on topics of their choice.

The U.S. Office (show) (John) v Sleeper (Elis). 4-4. Tiebreaker: Where did Nirvana's 'Nevermind' chart in Hungary? John wins.

Podcast outro

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