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Episode 56

John's King Prawn Crisps, Elis' Best Friend and Things You've Found

Show broadcast on 7 March 2015

Yesterday John could not resist the temptation of a pack of King Prawn Crisps and now he must pay the ultimate price. John also met Elis's best friend that Elis himself has not yet met. As well as this, the boys ask what the best things you've found are, as well as Winner Plays On and a bumper edition of Email of the Species.

John's introduction of Elis

"To my left is the man who holds in his hands the only verified footage of the 'Beast of Tredegar'."

Conversations and riffs

John has gained weight after eating too many prawn flavoured crisps, and pitches for a role as 'Big J' in Elis' BBC Three sitcom 'Crims' (not 'Crimes')

Ring the good Radio Bell! Elis makes a great joke about Robert De Niro and 'Meet the Fockers' sequel.

John has met someone he thinks would be Elis' best friend because he loves Welsh football.

'Little Georgie Ezra' makes his debut.

Text-in topic

Listeners text and tweet during the show on this week's topic.

John found £10 on the ground. What's the best thing you've found?

A Robins Amongst the Pigeons

John reads aloud from his autobiography.

Chapter 17: Death in Paradise. John does his biggest gig yet at Bristol's Ashton Court Festival. Overly confident beforehand, he dies on his arse.

Winner Plays On

Elis and John face off in the weekly quiz on topics of their choice.

Welsh language channel S4C (Elis) v Email (John). Elis wins 2-0.

Email of the Species

Listeners' emails into the show.

90s boy band E-Male.

Podcast outro

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