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Episode 9

Wedding Nightmares, Trouble With The Libertines, Record Store Day and R Kelly Memories

Show broadcast on 13 April 2014

Well aren't you in for a treat - two old men talking about vinyl. Not to worry, Elis and John have got the usual wit and hijinks too, with tales of John's weekend wedding and some stories of wedding nightmares. After last week's controversy, Winner Plays On returns with some new topics, and we're introduced to Producer Simon as regular producer, Producer Dave, is away. Plus there's one of those most rare radio moments - a shout-out.

Podcast intro

Coco Pops, Guinness and disinfectant - the ingredients of a rock 'n' roll lifestyle

John's introduction of Elis

"To my left, Aberfan's first qualified cycling proficiency instructor. "

Conversations and riffs

John went to a wedding but was only the fourth most interesting person in attendance. The duo trade awkward wedding stories and give advice on Best Man's speeches.

Elis is a polo shirt top button done up type of guy but according to John it means "You're not sure if he's the politest, neatest man in the world or someone who's done a ten-stretch and has a shank on his person."

It's record store day soon and the guys talk about independent record stores. We find out that the first single John bought was Pato Banton's "Bubblin' Hot".

A shout out for some model engineers.

Text-in topic

Listeners text and tweet during the show on this week's topic.

Your tales of wedding disasters.

Sacred Cow

Should this celebrated band / artist go into the paddock of sacred cows or be doomed to the abattoir?

R.E.M. (nominated by Elis) - Paddock

Winner Plays On

Elis and John face off in the weekly quiz on topics of their choice.

The Life and Times of Alan Partridge (John) vs. Super Furry Animals (Elis) - John wins 4-1.

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