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Episode B21

Cockney Fry-Ups

Show broadcast on 17 March 2017

Finally a conclusion to John's pant problem, plus his sexy gravel voice is unveiled - plus Elis tried a new food in Tick Off A Taste, and the boys enjoyed the idea of eating eggs in Welsh towns. Thanks for joining us for the stint on Drive - back tomorrow in the usual spot!

Podcast intro

The strain of broadcasting for three hours daily has made John's voice too sexy.

Conversations and riffs

More Panic Normality stories: cleaning bloody grapes, removing a Brian May wig while on a crashing plane so you can die with dignity.

Elis James' Light-Hearted Paper Review

Elis' selection of humorous stories from this week's newspapers.

Bodybuilder kills butterfly. Cosmopolitan offers bad advice on quick ways to make money.

John's Shame Well

John frees another listener of their shame.

Embarrassing yourself in front of a comedian (Isy Suttie, Elis' fiancée) pre-gig then sitting right in front of them about two feet away while they do their set.

Tick Off a Taste

The gang try a new taste sensation sent in by a listener.

Energy ball.

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