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Episode 123

Lucky Shirts, Ironing Boards & Reasons To Be Cheerful

Show broadcast on 25 June 2016

What with Wales suddenly being good at football Elis was once again in France this week, but joined John down the line from his hotel room, where he eagerly awaited the arrival of an ironing board. Producers Dave and Vin were also absent, leaving producer Si to take over, but not before he passed John's stringent producer test. All this plus Humble Brag Of The Week, Winner Plays On and a special edition of Textual Healing.

Podcast intro

Unusual places people listen to the podcast: in a tent in Madagascar.

John can't take meter readings at his new house because there's a massive spider blocking his way.

John's introduction of Elis

"To my left... for a third consecutive long week is an empty chair. (Little old Wales topped their group and progressed to the knockout stages of Euro 2016, and John exercised his power to 'allow' Elis to go to the Wales game in France today.)"

Conversations and riffs

Not only is Elis away again (down the line from Euro 2016) but so are Producers Dave and Vin so Producer Si from the Johnny Vaughan show is accompanying John today.

John to Elis: "You're researching your own autobiography by living your life, live... Well, that doesn't make any sense, does it?"

Elis, on the prospect of Wales going all the way at the Euros: "Have you ever seen a mind coming out of a man's face?"

Text-in topic

Listeners text and tweet during the show on this week's topic.

John is annoyed about the result of the recent Brexit referendum but is buoyed by the good feeling around this weekend's Pride festival in London. What are your reasons to be cheerful?

Textual Healing

A listener calls the show with a problem.

Issy from South London has an issue with her fiancé neglecting his young family to go off for weeks at an end to 'work' at Euro 2016.


More examples of that scourge of social media, the humblebrag.

When a dog bites your bike because it so expensive. How will the UK leaving the EU affect the business you own, the multiple homes you own and the cost of running your fancy car?


Elis and John compete to name as many things as possible on a theme in alphabetical order in 30 seconds.

The Church of Wittertainment (Kermode and Mayo's Film Review) (John) v the TV show 'Going Live' (Elis). Elis wins 4-1.

Tick Off a Taste

The gang try a new taste sensation sent in by a listener.

Indian dried mango pulp.

The 'Keep It Session' Sessions

A special section at the end of the podcast for music recommendations.

Red House Painters (John)

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