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Episode 149

1 of Blur, Oh Gosh! & Radio Xmas Eve

Show broadcast on 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas PCDs! Hope you're enjoying your Christmas shunt - this week's podcast was a pre-recorded special with some lovely festive nuggets. Elis and John were joined by Victorian polymath/Blur drummer Dave Rowntree, Producer Dave tested out all his festive production, and the team exchanged presents! Plus Humble Brag Of The Week and a special Christmas Winner Plays On.

John's introduction of Elis

"To my left is a man they called 'Saint Nicholas of the Pit' until the pits were closed and then they just called him 'Saint Nicholas of the Field'. "

Conversations and riffs

Producer Dave has trouble finding an appropriate Christmas music bed for the show. There's present giving but Elis has forgotten to get Producers Dave and Vin anything. There's an opportunity for John to do his impression of northern writer Alan Bennett.

Blur's Dave Rowntree is a guest and Elis tries to stay chill about meeting a member of one of his favourite bands. Turns out Dave Rowntree was a very early adopter of Email.

Imagine if Producer Dave wrote a column for a newspaper called 'Turning Right' and how would Elis cope as a lawyer in court?


More examples of that scourge of social media, the humblebrag.

When you're offered a job as a stripper out of the blue because of your hot body. Mentioning on a football forum that you have been on the board of a FTSE 100 global company but can't offer any insight into the topic being discussed.

Winner Plays On

Elis and John face off in the weekly quiz on topics of their choice.

In a special festive edition, Producer Dave has prepared Christmas-themed questions for Elis and John. Elis wins 2-1.

The 'Keep It Session' Sessions

A special section at the end of the podcast for music recommendations.

Dirty Projectors (John)

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