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Episode 260

Alternative Animals, Cool Cymru And The Dog & Handgun

Show broadcast on 2 March 2019

Elis was definitely feeling as young and hip as ever this week, and John simply couldn't get more charitable. Plus the boys made a discovery about everyone's favourite forgotten Californian hard-rock-nu-metal group.

Podcast intro

Find out in what circumstances John reads poetry. He reads aloud from 'Autumn' by 19th century poet John Clare, and Elis quotes some Welsh poetry. Lots of poetry.

Producer Travis (formerly Intern Travis) produced the show for the first time today.

John's introduction of Elis

"To my left, head lecturer at Haverfordwest Open Access Adult Learning Centre. The facility is open Monday-Wednesday, 5-7pm, and offers courses including 'Dairy Farming and Identity in Twentieth Century Welsh Prose', 'Nye Bevan - First Wave Feminism?' and 'The Gorkys Under Blair: Cool Welsh-tannia'. "

Conversations and riffs

Elis says there was a term in the Welsh music press in the mid-'90s to describe the wave of cool Welsh bands: 'Cool Cymru'.

It's official: Elis is going grey.

John listened to every Queen album in order, back-to-back, for charity but forgot to set up a system for donations. So now he'll listen to a montage of the first second of each of 10 Queen songs and try to identify them. For each one he gets wrong he will donate money to charity.

Papa Roach chat.

John comes up with a new slogan for Radio X: "The hottest new music for when you're listening to the radio."


More examples of that scourge of social media, the humblebrag.

Forgetting - then remembering - you made a programme for the BBC.

Made-Up Games

Listeners suggest made-up games that Elis and John can play.

Alternative Animals: The games master provides an alternative description for an animal (e.g. stripey horse) and the contestants buzz in to guess the animal being described (e.g. zebra).

Tick Off a Taste

The gang try a new taste sensation sent in by a listener.

Pink guava jam. Chilli mustard. American crunched-biscuit spread.

Email of the Species

Listeners' emails into the show.

A PCD with synaesthesia describes what colours the show's jingles invoke in their mind.

The 'Keep It Session' Sessions

A special section at the end of the podcast for music recommendations.

Alffa, Adwaith, Los Blancos (three new Welsh language bands) (Elis)

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